Taking Initiative is the Fastest Way to Achieve Goals

Making the decision to take initiative on your goals is the fastest way to reach for and achieve your life dreams. If you never act on your dreams, that’s all they are – dreams. Something that you’re longing for but never take any action or initiative to make it happen.

I remember watching Sparky Anderson- one of the winning coaches for the Detroit Tigers baseball team say “I’m not afraid to die, I’m only afraid that I don’t accomplish in my life what I was suppose to do”. That statement that will remain with me forever. We must accomplish and make sure we live a purposeful life. We must take initiative in our lives for that to happen.

Not everything you face will change, but nothing will change until you face it... James Baldwin

I want to share 4 strategies in the beginning steps of – Taking Initiative

Make a decision to overcome the

Fear and faith have a lot in common they both believe that what you cannot see will happen. So you might as well have faith. Have faith in what you are working on. Have faith in your ideas. Do not let the thoughts of fear, defeat, or failure enter the realm of your heart and thoughts.

2. Make a decision to be “Pro” active than reactive. Pro- active means you are making decisions to move your life forward, being reactive means you respond to everything, challenges or problem hurdled at you.

Proactive means you are not procrastating. You are moving forward on putting action behind the dreams in your heart.

3. Have the attitude of a proactive person

• I can be more resourceful

• I can be more diligent

• I can be more creative

• I can be more cooperative

As opposed to

• If only I had more money

• If only I had a degree

• If only I had more time to myself

• If more people would help me

You take ownership and responsibility for what is happening in your life.

4. Make a decision to define and maybe redefine your inner circle.

I cannot emphasis enough the importance of a stellar inner circle that will force, propel, motivate, mentor, guide and direct you in moving towards your goals. Your inner circle will make you or break you. Time attention and focus must be give to selecting and if necessary deselecting the people around you. In order for things to change, you must change them.

Unfortunately nothing occurs just by thinking about it, or wishing for it. Change happens when you change. When you add movement to your ideas. When you decide to take initiative.

I’d like for you to list 2 things that you are going to take initiative on this week. I’d like to hear from you.

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