Can You See Clearly?

Can you see clearly where you are going with your life this year? Have you laid out a roadmap to get you there? I firmly believe that you must have a vision- a clear picture of what you want your life to look like this year.

Having a vision for your life is a necessary ingredient for successful living and living life to its fullest. In this world, many people don't have a clarity or a vision for their lives. We must ultimately fulfill the dreams that God has given us, which will bring us success and fulfillment in life which comes from having a vision.

I’ve talked and worked with many individuals who really have no idea of what they see for their lives or where they are headed. Their only focus is living from day-to-day. In my book, The Art of Juggling, you need to know what you are doing and the whys. But you must have a clear vision for your life.

Vision gives the ability to see beyond 20/20 sight. Vision gives inspiration to dreams. Vision unites people. Without a vision, you can purposeless journey in life going nowhere. Vision is the capacity to believe what I cannot see will happen and will devise the plans to achieve it. The poorest person in the world is not the person without money. It is the person without a dream or a vision for their life. We must write the vision down as it says in the Bible

….”write the vision down, when YOU read it, YOU will run with it.” No one can be hungry for you, no one can exercise for you. You have to get a vision for where You are going.

A person with no vision will have a boring, dull, and unfulfilling life. A person with a low vision will allow life challenges to stop them when faced with obstacles. A person with the wrong vision is like a hitchhiker, just going in the same direction of someone else. And many times just going for the ride to "some" destination.

A person with a vague vision is unclear as to what needs to be done, or how to complete it, and therefore life remains stifled. However, a person who has a clear vision and in actively pursuing the vision for their life will accomplish victory in their lives.

Vision determines how you spend your time.

Vision determines how you spend your resources

Vision determines how you set your priorities.

Vision takes your life to the next level.

Vision determines your decisions.

Vision determines your destiny.

Vision determines your future.

Vision determines your friends.

Vision determines your pursuits.

Vision determines your desires.

Vision determines your destination.

Vision is a vital key in fulfilling your life’s passion and purpose.

Your vision determines your success and victory in life!

This year my goal is to motivate and encourage as many people as I can to live life differently. Put your goals in place, get a vision for your life, and work it, do it, and become all you can with the life we have been given.

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