Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Last weekend I was invited by a very dear friend of mine to attend a conference that she was speaking at. She urged me to attend because not only was she speaking but the well- known best selling author John Maxwell was also speaking.

It would be a four-hour drive from my home. After much deliberation, and unable to find anyone that was free that weekend, I decided to drive alone and attend the event. I assured my husband with my great driving skills, my On Star, my I Phone and my car navigation, I’d be fine. I surely was. I never regretted by decision after hearing the very first speaker.

I’m going to share my notes and takeaways over the next few weeks. I am compelled to share with others the valuable information I gained during this event called- Time to Lead. The host of the conference indicated that she had selected the topic because she had seen far too many people, with loads of talents and abilities just sitting and not doing anything with their gifts. I have always believed that we are all gifted in one-way or another. It is incumbent upon us to “become” and “do” something with our gifts. Are you really using your gifts?

One of the speakers that grabbed my attention immediately stated he had made more people millionaires than he could image. He defined a millionaire: as a person with a healthy life, sound mind, and surrounded by people that love them and the person recognizes that as being a millionaire. Dr. Sandy Kulkin went on to talk about:

  • Always look for the best in others

  • Stay passionate about life and your work

  • Understand and respect those different from you

  • Understand and get along with others

I’m so thankful I was able to refocus on what really is important in life. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking to earn more millions, but I realized that I am a millionaire. How about you?

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